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Murals are a great way to create depth to any room and can develop an atmosphere unique to your home or business.

Because of the scope and impact that a mural has, we start with a vision sketch, so that we are all on the same page. Once we all agree, the process begins. We prepare the surface, then apply the artwork and finally we seal the work with a durable acrylic clear-coat.

Faux Finish

Here a simple shower door is transformed into an aged Italian door, with “years of character” added to it.

Faux finish is a decorative technique that is meant to give the appearance of ‘aged’ history to an object.

It would be difficult to cut a slab of marble, or carve some granite arches for a customer at an affordable price, however to utilize common construction materials or paint to achieve a believable illusion of granite or marble is affordable.

There are many different options of materials that can be imitated, contact us directly to discuss your project and get a quote.

The fun part of creating a faux finish is that I can give the illusion that a wall, a piece of furniture or an any object really, is an illusion of another type of material. Whether it be metal, stone, marble, wood, etc., there is a benefit to the client to have this appearance of opulence without the hefty price tag associated with it. 

Michael Beenenga-Artist/Owner Artistic Gold Creative Concepts



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Here is an example of a wall painted to look like pink marble. Once the marbling is completed, a high gloss clear coat is applied, giving the appearance that the surface has been polished.