Illustrations tell a story, sometimes accompanied with text and at other times standing alone visually. What I love about illustrations is that there are a multitude of tools that can be used to achieve the end result. Below are some examples of mixed media illustrations for varied purposes.    



When I begin developing a concept, into a final piece, I like to talk with the customer on what his or her goals are for the project. The exciting part about developing a concept is seeing it become a reality. My method is to take those thoughts discussed and begin with a rough draft sketch. There … Continue reading conceptualization

video production

Many times graphics, art and videos go hand-in-hand. Over the years working in the marketing and creative industry there are many projects that call for video production to tighten up and package a marketing campaign. Videos for education, marketing or keep-sake purposes are very time intensive, however, the process is exciting and the end result is worth … Continue reading video production


There are many practical applications for digital graphics. Brochures, marketing materials, web graphics and t-shirts/garments, name a few categories that I have created designs for. My method for achieving the final graphic is similar to all of my other projects; starting with a preliminary sketch. Whether I am working on a brochure, business card or … Continue reading graphics


Of all the work that I have the pleasure of doing, when I create a mural, I am in my element. The size and scope of a mural draws me in and at a certain point, I feel like I am in the scene. It is strange to describe, but I actually feel like I … Continue reading murals/faux

fine art/portraits

Portraits are a unique challenge. The slightest difference in a nose or a smile and the entire portrait is 'off.' When I work on a portrait, I go over it many times very lightly with pencil. Layer after layer, I gradually get darker with my graphite until I find the portrait looking like the person … Continue reading fine art/portraits