There are many practical applications for digital graphics. Brochures, marketing materials, web graphics and t-shirts/garments, name a few categories that I have created designs for. My method for achieving the final graphic is similar to all of my other projects; starting with a preliminary sketch. Whether I am working on a brochure, business card or t-shirt design, having a clear vision is a wise starting point.

More than any other category of work that I do, digital graphics encompasses the widest range of  uses and markets. I could be working on a logo for a construction contractor and at the same time be putting the finishing touches on a brochure for a bank. It is this diversity that makes creating graphics fun and exciting for me.

Some logos are meant for multiple applications, such is the case for this logo. Not only was this logo needed to be a vectored logo for printed needs, it was also designed to be displayed for many on line uses. When a design is created for web applications, it can created with with effects, gradients and shades.
2016 dpf logo-outlined blue and orange
This logo above was created for a market that uses diesel fuel filters for their vehicles. When the filter needs to be cleaned an indicator light comes on. After brainstorming with the client, we decided to create a logo that looked similar to that indicator light. The goal is to have the customer remember Western DPF when they see this light come on.
This is the digital mock-up Western DPF’s company vehicle. The client wanted to strategically target his market while they were on the road. The image in the far left corner is a truck that he took a photo of and wanted to mimic the matte vinyl. After several versions, we decided that the bright orange of his logo worked well over the top and contrasting the muted charcoal gray. This digital mock-up also served as a vision sketch for the vinyl sign company.
uv crest-final
This logo above was created for a website promoting a local park in Colorado Springs. We wanted a bold, simple, vectored design that could be used for t-shirts and apparel advertising the site.  Below are some of the applications the logo is intended to be used on.

camo hatbucket hathat-gangsta

8-integrity-personal banking brochure-7and8
Above and below are some examples of pages from a folded, stapled brochure for a bank. The entire brochure was 16 pages. Some brochure projects have a lot of content and it is understood that there may be important changes and input from different departments as the project develops. The more input creates a solid piece, however when we develop a brochure I like to emphasize that we as team need ample time for completion prior to the target print date.

8-integrity-personal banking brochure-5and6

I like to layout many of my brochures and print projects in Photoshop. This allows me the flexibility to edit any photos, manipulate my sketches and add effects to text when creating a document.

This tri-fold for Hope & Home was created for an end of year mail out. Being distributed to thousands of recipients. When planning out a document, I like to know the amount of pieces that will be printed. For example, will the piece be distributed to thousands or to just a few hundred? What type of paper are we creating the piece for? Digital print? or printed on a press? These questions are important because the answers will determine who will print the piece and what local company will distribute. 



2015 LB Corporate Sponsorship Full Form_Front_Back
Here is an example of a small-run-document which is meant to be a distributed to hundreds of people as oppose to thousands. Knowing this ahead of time, when I designed the brochure I made sure that it was set up for a digital print instead of a press print.

When creating business cards, I like to know what market your business is targeting, the quantity that you would like to distribute, and if the paper stock needs to be dense premium or standard stock. This information helps me visualize the end product and I keep that in mind as I move forward with the layout and graphics.

2017 Business Card layout-michael

tonica fest
Here is a t-shirt design that was created for posters as well as the t-shirts being sold at the event. Occasionally when the uses for a design are discussed ahead of time, the client and myself can strategize on who will complete the tasks of printing and distributing. I enjoy using my many years as a creative director as experience in working hand-in-hand with the printers and distributors that are a part of your project.





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