Illustrations tell a story, sometimes accompanied with text and at other times standing alone visually. What I love about illustrations is that there are a multitude of tools that can be used to achieve the end result. Below are some examples of mixed media illustrations for varied purposes.


This illustration of Samson was done for a possible graphic novel. The piece was first sketched out in light pencil. Then with a fine pen I drew over what I wanted to keep and erased the areas that no longer were needed. Next, I took a larger brushed pen and accented the areas that I wanted to emphasize. Finally, taking a white colored pencil, I highlighted the areas that were getting hit with light. The gray paper was great as a mid tone, allowing me to accent boldly with black and white.
Many of the illustrations I do are created with pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, marker, paint and in some cases digital pen in PhotoShop.
Some illustrations, such as this one are created for large run prints. This design was meant for an all-over garment print.


family tree
Here is an illustration done in Photoshop, with a digital pen. First, I hand drew the tree with pencil and paper. Then, after scanning the sketch, I added the photo portraits and added shading and light digitally.

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