Indoor Projects

Here is the bathroom after the faux marbling has been applied. Once the flooring is in and the bottom trim is installed, this room will be complete!

From murals, to faux finish to custom painted items, Artistic Gold Creative Concepts is able to transform any room in your home or business into an environment that you will cherish. By utilizing faux finish and imitating real world opulent materials, we have saved customers thousands of dollars. We can achieve the appearance of marble, stone, metal and even expensive wood with paint and common building materials!

Please feel free to call or text me with any questions about a mural or faux finishing project! I am excited to enhance and beautify your home or business today!

Cell: 719-464-1100


Here are some samples of indoor projects.

Faux Marble Countertops


Faux Marble Accent Walls

Here is an example of a wall painted to look like pink marble. Once the marbling is completed, a high gloss clear coat is applied, giving the appearance that the surface has been polished.

Faux Brick


Faux Stone Accent Walls


Mural Scenes



Children’s Murals

theos room

Murals for Businesses

artistic gold murals for businesses

Decorative Doors

Here a simple shower door is transformed into an aged Italian door, with “years of character” added to it.



Aged Old World Accents

faux stone-faux-wood-countertops

artistic gold faux brick aging
Painting over a textured wall, creates a unique effect. Here is a close up of a wall meant to look like aged stone.

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