video production

Many times graphics, art and videos go hand-in-hand. Over the years working in the marketing and creative industry there are many projects that call for video production to tighten up and package a marketing campaign. Videos for education, marketing or keep-sake purposes are very time intensive, however, the process is exciting and the end result is worth the effort.

Below are a few examples of videos I have created:

video templete-wedding
Being a part of and capturing a wedding is an honor. While I am recording these precious moments I realize that I am a part of the wedding party, a family member that is blending in. There are many moving parts that need to be navigated while filming a wedding and I find the whole experience challenging and exciting. Above, Nick and Alex allowed us to be a part of and tell their story.
video templete-family
I like to classify a Family Heirloom video as any significant event other than a wedding, that a family wants to share for years to come. In the video example above, the family was adopting a teen who had been in foster care most of his life. Now, on the anniversary of his adoption day this wonderful family re-watches this special and memorable moment.
video templete-ed
Another example that is valuable to clients is an educational or tutorial video. These videos can be used for a variety of reasons for a customer. The most popular use for this type of video is to share on social media or social video platforms for the do-it-yourself market. The above example is one of my own tutorial videos, which helps breakdown different painting tips for artists. 
video templete-commercials
An obvious assessment is that a commercial is geared towards your market. An added task is finding out what platform your market will be viewing your commercial. One such example is this commercial that I did for this self defense school. The main platform that most of this market digested their information was through social media, not T.V. The market needed to have their attention grabbed immediately in a high energy intro. Once they were paying attention then the information had to be clear step by step instruction.

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