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Michael Joseph Beenenga, Artist

Michael Joseph Beenenga was born in Tonica, Illinois. Growing up in a rural area played a large part in his development as an artist. “The winters were so cold that in the evening I would just sprawl out on the floor as a kid and draw for hours.” recalls Michael. “I would say that living in the Midwest also helped develop my work ethic. I grew up in a community of farmers and blue collar workers and I realized that completing a task and doing the best job possible was a formula to continually getting hired.”

In high school he won a scholarship to attend an art workshop with The Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation in Colorado Springs. Michael found himself in the city that he would reside in, even to this day. “The foundation held its summer seminar at Colorado College near downtown Colorado Springs. When I came to the campus I remember thinking how beautiful this city is. From that moment on I decided that I wanted to live here.”

More importantly, Colorado Springs is where Michael raises his two children, and resides with his wife Vanessa. He enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors and doing life in the beauty that surrounds Colorado.

Michael’s faith is a large part of his life. “I thank God, not only for the artistic abilities He has given me but for the fullness of life that I have with Christ at the center of it.”

Michael Beenenga shown here putting the finishing touches on a mural at Hope & Home, in Colorado Springs. Hope & Home is a non-profit foster care agency, which Michael currently serves as active Creative Director.

“Every opportunity I am given to create art is an opportunity to create value, to create value for myself, or another. Value is the byproduct of passion and passion is the fuel that drives everything.”

Michael Joseph Beenenga