Here’s what to expect when working with Michael and Artistic Gold: A low risk and proven process which works for all project types! After hundreds of projects, these simple steps are all we need to help bring your vision to life. Plus, it’s fun!

Step 1


A no pressure chat with Michael. He will listen to your idea and give you some options for possible creative solutions. 

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Step 2

Vision Sketch

Vision sketches are an affordable way to establish the scope of the project so that we can provide an accurate estimate. Michael sits down with you either in person, or over the phone to hear your goals and ideas for the project and to give creative input.  Then he sets to work to create the first vision sketch.  Once any revisions needed are made, we can give an estimate for the project.

**Not all projects require a full vision sketch workup. Michael will help you determine what would be the most efficient during step one**


Step 3


Everything that we do is custom, including the estimate! We can even design a project around a budget that you have in mind!

Step 4

Getting started

Next is picking a calendar date to get started!

Questions? Check out frequently asked questions!