Frequently Asked Questions

I have experience in murals of all sizes, custom decorative finishes, window painting, fine art, painted and graphite pencil portraits, murals with 3-D elements, carved pieces, faux finished doors or furniture, designed theme rooms and more! we are always expanding what we do, so if there is an idea, we love finding a way to make it happen!

The price of a mural depends on the amount of detail desired.  We have ranges that start as low as $8/square foot for basic silhouette murals up to $50+/square foot for higher detailed murals.  Because everything is custom, we can also design the mural around your budget.

Absolutely! Give Michael a no-pressure call or text at 719-464-1100 to see if this is a good fit for you. We never charge for questions!

No problem! This is where our affordable creative consultation & brainstorming services come into play. Once you give me a general idea of what your goals are, I go to work designing the vision sketch. Once our first draft is done, we can make any changes necessary.

Often, the vision sketch process is the best way to establish the scope of the project. If you already have a budget in mind, Michael will help guide the process to design something that fits within your budget.

Yes and no. With many things, our scheduling ebbs and flows. If you have a specific target timeline, it’s always best to check with Michael. Everything we do is custom so we do our best to guesstimate the completion time. Typically, projects enter a queue and they are completed in order of being booked, but some book for a specific timeframe and others are flexible. We take all this into consideration when we book projects.

Portraits, and canvas paintings can easily be created and shipped to you. 

For murals, most supplies and materials needed are purchased specifically for each project, so traveling with lots of equipment isn’t usually an issue. Let’s chat to see if your project is a good fit!

Depends on the size, location, design, surface and working environment (new construction, indoors or outdoors, weather, etc.) we usually can give a rough estimate for the length of time to complete once we have a general idea of the scope of the project.

The mess is usually minimal and contained to the area that we are working on. We clean up the space daily so that it is neat and tidy when Michael is not working. Special accommodations can be made to work around client hours, events, etc. if needed.

For most murals, small amounts of paint are applied at a time, so the fumes are minimal. If a large base coat, primer or a top coat is required, there may be a few hours where the paint can be smelled, but typically with a window open, the smell dissipates rather quickly. Some types of coatings have a low VOC option, to keep the fumes the lowest possible.

The creative consultation process is a great way to define the project. Michael will listen to whatever ideas you do have, and then provide ideas and suggestions until you have settled on something you love!

Yes. We have painted scenes on large canvas, boards or other move-able surfaces. Lets get creative!

Just about any surface that will accept paint (or primer) can be painted on!

Most murals are painted with a high-quality exterior or interior paint that can be gently washed if needed.

I often suggest a matte clear protective coating over the top for high traffic areas. A UV protectant coating is also a good idea for an exterior mural to protect from the elements.