Powder Bomb

One unique request to re-create a backdrop for a 40th birthday party came to life just in time!


When Ashley reached out to see if there was any way I could pull off re-creating a version of famous musician’s backdrop for a big 40th birthday party she was throwing, I knew the the timing would be tight but I loved the idea of it!

I partnered with Unik Collective who let me set up in their shop and built the backdrop for this 8X8 piece. I started with a sunset backdrop and got to work adding and blending in the “powder bomb” look with the bright pinks. It was a really fun scene to be in.

My daughters seemed to really love the finished work as well – I may or may not already be in negotiations for adding something similar in their bedroom in the near future!

This is the 2nd job I’ve utilized Mike for & can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly talented he is. From start to finish, Mike is top notch! He is so talented and has brought both my very odd requests to life; I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Mike for all of our crazy ideas- he is truly the best when it comes to creating something magical. You rock, Mike!
Ashley H
Cherry Creek, Co

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