Faux Metal Chevron Door

This customer had ugly doors that were necessary, but deterred from the curb appeal of their new home. Faux decorative finish was a great solution to dress up this door!


This customer had an entrance to her garden terrace area that was originally a standard door that took away curb appeal from her brand-new home. Paint and using faux techniques is often an incredible solution to disguise an element in your home or business that is required by code!

We put together this faux metal chevron design and I got to work! While this required some very precise lines, this was fun to add the effects and faux shadows and highlights and she was happy with her end result!

Working with Mike is a sheer joy. He is so much fun to brainstorm with and watching him bring our ideas to life is beyond inspiring. Mike can literally paint ANYTHING. He has done two stunning projects in my newly completed multi-million dollar home and his work is the highlight of this build. We already have plans for other projects in the future. His work brings even greater value to my home but more importantly, it brings a smile to my face every single day.
Poppy G.
Colorado Springs

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