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A new restaurant location needed installation wall art and we had a high-impact way to to meet their need!
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When Green District Salads reached out to me for their third Colorado location at the Denver Tech Center, they wanted me to try something different. Instead of painting directly on the wall, they wanted me to do an installation mural. I’ve done smaller installs or projects that I made 3 dimensional using different mediums, installing items into the mural to add effect and realism (check out the Il Rifugio project here) but this was the largest installation mural to date. I was excited for the challenge and got started on the design!

Some of my favorite parts of designing a mural project is the research about the area or subject.  In this case, I discovered that the Denver Tech Center (DTC) was one of the leaders in early fiber optic technology in the industry. So we wanted to run with a more tech-y feel and pay homage to that history.

Measuring roughly 12’ wide by 9’ high, I created this mural with three background panels, and then three main layered front pieces in addition to the brain and robot’s head. These pieces were applied with spacing between to give effect.

I started with drawing the pieces out on the board, being careful to utilize the board efficiently as possible.  After cutting, sanding and checking to make sure everything was lining up correctly and proportionate, I went to work with layering on paint to get the effect I wanted.  Sometimes I think I am done with a piece, but then when I’ve had a minute to look at it and set the pieces up, I realize that it still needs more work! Turns out the purple in the mural matches perfectly to one of the lit signs inside the building!

My wife Vanessa is our logistics person, so she and I brainstormed the best way to get the pieces spaced properly, then safely to the location and installed on the wall without damaging the art.

If you haven’t already, check out any of the Green district locations for AMAZING, fresh salads and wraps!

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