Honoring Army Aviation

A company wanted to honor their frequent customers who were military servicemen and we designed a mural together!


Outside of Dothen, AL where Fort Ruckers Army base is located, Candlewood Suites in Enterprise, AL wanted to honor the men and women who serve our country.  They gave me the parameters of a ‘patriotic mural honoring army aviation’ and I went to work designing the mural. There is an Army museum nearby that I chose the statue from. Fort Rucker trains Army pilots how to fly helicopters, so I wanted to use the Chinook and Apache helicopters for the mural. I used the bright sky colors to keep the mural bright and attention grabbing.

The original design had Ft Rucker’s name incorporated in as a “post card” style design, however the name was about to be changed so we changed it to the new name of Army Aviation. 

I was able to fully immerse myself into this project since I was alone on the road. I often worked 12+ hour days but they flew by as I was able to chat with customers and do what I love. 

One thing I observed was that numerous servicemen and women from all different backgrounds were proud of the flag. How it still transcends race, religion and economic status of the people I saw come through that hotel. 

Check out the news article from the local news channel in Dothan, AL.



I just want to share how amazing Michael's work is! I gave him an idea of a patriotic mural for our hotel and he completely exceeded my expectations! It is so detailed and absolutely beautiful!! I highly recommend him when you are shopping for an artist. He drove 23 hours to Alabama, and we are so thankful! Can't wait to work with him in the future!
Kaitlyn C
Enterprise, AL

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