A Quiet Space

A customer had a vision for an aspen grove and we had a way to bring it to life!
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This customer had been searching for a piece of art to hang on the wall for quite some time. We met at a Home Show event and brainstormed a quick idea and we ran with the idea!

I used the original wall color to do this gray two-toned mural.  This style requires washes of colors to achieve the final effect that I am trying to achieve.  I love creating these scenes because I get to really immerse myself into the space.


I met Mike at a home show and admired his work and personality. However, I assumed I couldn't afford him, so I continued my quest for the right piece of art for the expansive wall above my stairwell. After disappointing searches, and unsatisfactory purchases, I contacted Mike for an estimate. Amazingly, he accurately, and affordably, created the exact vision, and peaceful feeling, I had visualized. He's articulate, talented, and a true joy to work with. It was a pleasure to work with one who shows on time, is clean, neat, and does exactly as promised in a timely manner. I see his art from various locations in my home, and smile each time, and am extremely thankful I hired him. I now immediately think of him, and what he may be able to create in other parts of my home. I highly recommend him without reservation.
Bev W.
Colorado Springs, CO

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