“Truth and Grace”

A church’s vision for their entrance was so large that a mural was the best solution!


When TRACE Church came to me with their idea – a design from their in-house graphic designer Stuart Duffy, I was excited to get this on the wall! The church chose the words Truth and Grace because they are, combined, the namesake for this church – TRACE. I love it when murals have a greater meaning outside of a “cool design.” This large 12’X42′ mural was a slightly different style than what I often complete, but I had fun bringing it to life.  

I started with drawing out and painting the letters. Then the map which is a true to life map that was blown up to fit in the space. I drew everything out and then set to work filling in and crisping lines. It was fun thinking about all the different parts of Colorado Springs as I was drawing in all the neighborhoods and main streets. 


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