A Ballet Studio With A View: “The Path”

Transforming a dull space into an area full of inspiration and life!


This business had a shared area for staff, students and the parents to use in between classes. They wanted me to create something inspiring for the students to reach their goals. I came up with the idea of a path with the ballerina statutes on each side, full of florals and greenery. 

When I create detailed murals like this one, it is always my goal to create a realistic, believable scene with a Trompe L’oeil effect. 

As you might have guessed, I don’t actually have any experience with ballet dancing, so I relied on my client to tell me if I was ‘on point’ with my ballerina statutes.  At one point I had asked how I was doing. I knew it was probably hard for my client to tell me that I didn’t quite have the ballerina positioned correctly. But I didnt want to have ballerinas that were not in correct form at a ballet studio. So I got an education on how the ballerinas would truly be leaning, where their toes should be pointing and arm placement, etc. and I started over.

After that day my wife asked me if I was frustrated or disappointed and the reality is, no. I wasn’t. There is something inside of me that can’t settle unless my customer and frankly, myself, is happy with it. 

In the end, I loved melting into the atmosphere that was being created. Each day I left with a sense of peace, especially as I was starting to add the soft sunlight and finer details to the mural.


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