From Concrete to a Faux Ivy Oasis!

This customer wanted to change their view from the hot tub and pool room from a concrete privacy wall, to a modern ivy wall.


Oftentimes the dilemma of privacy or a required wall for the purposes of engineering and safety requirements clash with the desire for beautiful aesthetics in a home or business.

In this home, the placement of the pool room with lots of windows to let in natural light as well as the outdoor hot tub would have given a wide open view to any neighbors or anyone passing through.

The stucco privacy wall was necessary to allow them to feel comfortable in their space, however, it isn’t as appealing as the view that they would have had without it.

So I set out to design and paint a faux ivy wall to soften the look of the stucco and dress up the area into what will be a beautiful backyard oasis once the landscaping is finished!

Working with Mike is a sheer joy. He is so much fun to brainstorm with and watching him bring our ideas to life is beyond inspiring. Mike can literally paint ANYTHING. He has done two stunning projects in my newly completed multi-million dollar home and his work is the highlight of this build. We already have plans for other projects in the future. His work brings even greater value to my home but more importantly, it brings a smile to my face every single day.
Poppy G.
Colorado Springs, CO

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