Parade of Homes 2021 – Chateau Rue de Voi: Landscape Collage Mural

The homeowners were initially looking for something unique and special for their dining room that only a custom mural could really fulfill!
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When the homeowner called me, she was looking for a collage scene of a number of special locations in Colorado merged together. Additionally, the number “17” was meaningful to their family, so she wanted seventeen different “17’s” placed strategically in the mural, but not obvious or tacky.

Initially I started with a mock up picture where I used photoshop to merge the different locations (Pikes Peak, Kissing Camels, Flat Irons, and an aspen grove) together into a realistic scene. After going back and forth a few times, we landed on what we have here and I got to work!

Like most of my murals, I started with a pencil outline drawing to lay out the scene. I proceeded to add layers of the sepia color to achieve the desired look and detail. I finished with the highlights to add more depth and detail. 

The customer decided to add the side walls later after the Parade of Homes was over to give more of a “surround effect” to this mural.

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David W.
Colorado Springs

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