Underwater Atlantis Explorer – Part 2

Transforming a corporate space into a therapeutic environment through murals
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For the two wavy walls, I started with rolling on my base coat of paint and then continued with an airbrush to add the water effects..  These walls had a straight wall above the wavy part of the wall. One of the walls I put windows on the top portion (as if you were looking out of a submarine window underwater.) and the second one I put a sky with a seagull and some palm trees (as if you were out of the water.

During this part of the mural, I took my family up to the Denver Aquatic center to study some sea life! I’m sure I looked like an over-enthused iPhone photographer as I took different angles of the fish and plants. I was trying to capture the way they moved in the water and how the light hit them. At one point, someone stopped and was staring in the direction of where I was taking a picture. They were quite confused! I had to explain that I was just capturing the movement of the plants in the water. We all had a good laugh.


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